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When was the last time you thought about your water heater?

If you’re looking at this page you’re either very proactive and ready to schedule a water heater inspection or you need your water heater repaired or even replaced. Fortunately, we are here to provide you all the information and service you need to make your experience go smoothly.

What is a Water Heater?
Whether you relate to it as the water heater, the hot water tank, or something in between, the functionality and purpose of this appliance are all the same. The hot water heater is the machine responsible for converting energy into heat and latterly creating hot water for use throughout your home. There are a variety of different systems when it comes to hot water heaters, but residential units can be placed into two orders. Tanked and Tankless.

Tanked Water Heaters

The most common residential water heater system is a tank water heater, its primary design is for holding hot water. While this kind of unit is frequently found in older homes, it is slowly losing popularity due to its inefficiency and big bulky design. This kind of hot water heater holds heated water in supply until it is needed throughout the home.

How a Water Heater Works

How They Work
Hot water heaters with tanks can run on fuel or electricity, and generally have 3 pipes for water transfer: one to bring cold water in, one to move hot water out, and a safety valve that releases water from the tank if the pressure or temperature exceeds safety limits. The cold water pipe brings water to be heated into the bottom of the tank where the heating elements are located. As the water warms, it rises to the top of the tank to be removed on demand by the hot water pipe. If hot water is not being used, it sits in the tank, being continually heated. If the hot water is used up, there can be a delay and you may need to wait for the tank to fill again.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless hot water heaters are growing in popularity due to their increased energy efficiency. These kinds of units heat water on demand, rather than continually running to keep water hot. With a circulating pump install you can have hot water right at your finger tips without the long wait.

Tankless Water Heaters Explained

How They Work
Tankless hot water heaters work by using a coil to heat cold water as required. Standalone hot water heaters typically use a gas-fired unit with a coil and heat exchanger. As you call for hot water, the burners ignite and heat the water needed at the moment as opposed to heating but a larger volume.

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