Move Hot Air Out with a Whole House Fan

These Systems Can Reduce Your AC’s Workload

In our Milpitas area, summers are not that severe and a whole house fan can work as an efficient pre-cooler before you turn on your AC, or possibly as your only source of cooling. Using only a fraction as much power as your AC, a whole house fan can bring in chillier evening or morning air and can lower your home’s indoor temperatures by 5-10 degrees rather quickly. On days with wide temperature swings you may be able to do without your AC system entirely, you just have to remember to close the house up tight during the mid day heat.

It’s Not New Technology

Whole-house fans have helped cool homes since the early 1900’s. The machinery is simple: An attic fan moves hot air out through attic vents and draws colder, outdoor air in through open windows. This fast air exchange (big fans can evacuate your home of hot air in just a few minutes) not only removes the day’s heat but also creates a nice cool breeze. These fan systems had been taken over by air conditioners since the 70’s but are now becoming more popular, mainly because they barely use any electricity while AC units consume huge amounts.

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