Indoor Air Quality FAQs2022-10-25T11:53:53-07:00

Indoor Air Quality FAQs

When should I looking into replacing my ductwork?2022-08-17T11:12:14-07:00

Ducts are designed to last for about 10-15 years on average. It’s important to note that your air duct seals, joints, and seams may deteriorate faster and should be checked at more frequent intervals, normally during routine air duct cleaning.

What happens if I don’t replace my filter?2022-08-17T11:50:05-07:00

Quite a bit, none of it good. Besides dirty air circulating in your house, an excessively dirty filter will eventually cause harm to your HVAC unit. The reduction in airflow causes the machine to work much harder than it should and more frequently as well, reducing its lifespan and increasing your energy consumption.

What does a UV light do?2022-08-17T10:58:34-07:00

Ultraviolet light is capable of reducing many airborne contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, VOC’s, airborne pathogens, mold, flu and cold germs. Some models also reduce household odors from garbage, cooking, etc.

I have room in my house that is always too cold, what can I do?2022-08-15T13:53:27-07:00

Zoning is the solution for this problem. This technology uses motorized dampers inside your ductwork to direct hot/cold air where it’s needed most, without wasting energy. Ductless mini split systems are also a great choice if you have specific rooms that don’t have ducts or don’t receive enough heating or cooling.

I don’t have pets/kids, is my air really that dirty?2022-08-15T13:53:34-07:00

Indoor air pollution is caused by a variety of things, not just your dog or teenager. Household cleaners, cooking, off-gassing by paint or carpeting, pollen and California pollution all make it through disposable filters.

How often should I be replacing my HVAC filter?2022-08-17T11:38:39-07:00

This all depends on the type/thickness of your filter. Standard 1-2 inch filters only last about 90 days, less if you have lots of carpet, pets or live in a dusty climate. 3-4 inch filters will go 6 months or more and extra thick 5-6 inch filters may last an entire year.

Doesn’t the regular furnace/AC filter clean the air?2022-08-15T13:53:40-07:00

Not really, its primary function is to stop dust from getting inside the system and slowing it down. Conversely, an air purifier is designed to eliminate pollutants from the air you breathe. For example, a Carrier® system with Captures & Kills™ technology removes up to 99 percent of all airborne impurities, including mold and bacteria that can make you sick.

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