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Heating Services We Provide:

  • Heating Repairs – Our heating service technicians are ready to get your heating system up and running ASAP. No job is to difficult, All Heating & Air Conditioning technicians are prepared for the challenges of the Bay Area environment. We understand that not all furnace malfunctions happen in normal business hours which is why we provide 24/7 emergency furnace repair in the greater Milpitas.
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  • Wall and Floor Heaters – Surface mounted heaters, with their virtually endless configurations, deliver comfort with minimal visual impact. Ductless heating systems are different from traditional forced air systems because they come in all shapes and sizes, and don’t require ducts inside your walls.
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  • New Heating Systems – If you think it might be time for a new heating system, give us a call for a free estimate. You may want to replace your current heating system with a newer more efficient model, or you might want to try a completely new direction with your heater installation. Our new furnaces currently start at 80% AFUE and go all the way to a very efficient 98.5% AFUE rating. Depending on your average usage, higher AFUE rated furnaces can significantly reduce your gas bill.
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  • Furnace Tune-ups – When a heating or cooling system malfunctions, any one of its three components — heat/cold source, distribution system, or thermostat — may be causing the problem. If the furnace or air conditioner in Milpitas doesn’t run, the malfunction is probably at the source. A seasonal tune-up of your appliance will help prolong the life of your furnace.
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  • Home Zoning – With an HVAC zoning system, you can have a thermostat in each room (or zone) that allows for individual temperature control. Unlike having just one thermostat that controls the comfort levels for the entire house, a zoning system will let you set the specific temperature in each room of your home. This initial investment will certainly save you money in the long run.
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  • Duct Cleaning – We can provide you with the high quality duct cleaning services you need to make your home a more comfortable and healthy place for you and your family. Costs vary by amount of ductwork of course, but the service is always affordable and often we have a special offer.
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