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If  you have a heat pump that needs repair or maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been providing San Jose area homes with quality, affordable and 100% guaranteed HVAC service since 2000 and know these machines well. Just like standard air conditioner repair these units have similar components that need maintenance or require repairs including: electrical connections, capacitors, condensate drains, startup/shutdown controls, blower wheels and motors, etc.

Todays heat pumps are an excellent choice for providing affordable, comfortable and reliable heating and air conditioning year after year. At All Heating & AC, we sell and recommend Carrier heat pumps, but are skilled at maintenance and repair for all major brands. Give us a call today to learn more about repair options and cost for a new heat pump or service on your existing system.

When Should I Repair My Heat Pump?

A sudden need for heat pump repair can be a frustrating experience, but luckily there are some clear warning signs you can watch out for. If you spot one of these, be sure to contact us right away:

Lower efficiency. These systems biggest sell is the efficiency, So if your pump is having troubles, you’ll likely notice just as soon as you get an energy bill that is ten, twenty, or even fifty percent higher. If you see that your energy bill has increased drastically, then that’s your sign to call the professionals.

Poor air flow. Weak or bad air flow is commonly associated with a dirty or clogged system. It’s a more common concern if you avoid routine professional maintenance, so if you’re keeping up on that front, you probably don’t need to worry on this one. If you do have an airflow issue, you might check the exterior unit. It might be that some leaves and junk have accumulated in the fins.

Loud Noises. Loud clunking, banging, and whistling coming from your pump system can be alarming. The good new is if you get repair service right away, it’s probably an easy fix. The bad new is if you don’t, you could be looking at some serious damage. Strange sounds are most often attributed to damaged or loose components, and left alone, these can bang around and really wreck your pump.

Odd smells. Musty odors usually indicate a buildup of dust and debris. A professional cleaning can remedy the issue quite quickly, but if the problem has progressed, you might need something a little more serious.

Icing or freezing. Refrigerant leaks and bad air flow can both cause your heat pump to begin forming ice, and can eventually even lead to a total freeze. Call in a pro to get the answers you need!

Stuck modes. It’s not exceptionally uncommon for a heat pump to get stuck in “heat” or “cool”. This is usually a problem with the reversing valve; an easy fix for an expert!

It’s crucial that as a home owner you take the proper precautions to assure your Heat Pump system is working properly. A heat pump maintenance give you the opportunity to learn of any issues because the cold winters or hot summers hot. If your heat pump is not working, the best thing you can do is talk to your technician to discuss if heat pump repair or replacement is going to be the best long-term option for your home.

$50 Off Heat Pump Repair

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Can not be applied on service calls, which cost $85.

$120 Heat Pump Maintenance

Inspection and Cleaning of Your heat pump system

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